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Do your dogs' collars stink after they get wet? Having a hard time getting the smell out? As the owner of a water-loving Lab, I've smelled more than my fair share of stinky collars. The stink comes from bacteria that's harbored in the collar bound by moisture.

A friend told me about Dublin Dog and how they make collars that don't stink!!

I went online to their web site and ordered one for Gunther. Let's see if it works! I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and so is my nose!!)

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My dog killed a skunk, so her head, neck, and front end are RIPE. She's been skunked before, and tomato juice doesn't work -- it just covers the smell for a while.
This time, we tried the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap bomb -- didn't do a thing. Tried Synergy Labs DeSkunk -- no change. Tried her regular rosemary shampoo -- nothing.
We had to get her a new collar, and now that one smells as well. My living room stinks. I stink.
Other ideas NOT mentioned above?
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