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Does anybody know the calcium requirement for a large breed puppy?

I read somewhere in the internet (can't find the link any more) that it should be around 340mg-540mg /kg of the body weight. So if I take it as 400mg/kg of body weight, a 20kg puppy would need 8g of Calcium/day.

According to this website Raw Meaty Bones Analysis, 100g of chicken back has 0.74g of calcium.
So in order to get 8g of calcium, I have to feed (8/0.74 X 100 = 1081g) 2.3 pounds of chicken back each day.

This does not sound right. Looks way too much. Can somebody tell me where I went wrong?

I know I should just feed 10% bones, but I was just trying to play with numbers and see where it will take me.
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