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ok, we started with rex, as he was leaping up and down with joy because of his latest bloods. and before the test he asked me "do you really believe the deramaxx screwed his liver up " and i said "well, i didn't go to vet school, and you did, but ,i do believe it did, and hope it did and that i can get it back, with the use of all those chinese herbs and liver support supplements and my liver support diet."

so , after we had a love fest of joy over rex's results i turned the table a bit and asked "so, les, do you now think, or believe , that the deramaxx screwed up rex's liver?".
he told me to keep doing whatever i'm doing and rex is great but what if he has his neck and spinal thing again and i told him "traumeel" daily, 2x per day and i wont ever let any dog of mine be crippled and suffer so ....if it should happen again, we'll talk. but no frisbee other that walking around with it in his mouth, and i try to have rugs on the wood floors and i have no control when rex thinks like a man(sorry sorry sorry ) and attempts to mount vangie who stands there like a complete idiot, while he furiously pumps away.

on to vangie. i asked him if her eosinophil count could have been normal because for 3-4 days before she only ate rice and hard boiled eggs.

"good question" was his response and he doesnt know. i will email guiding eyes vet and discuss.

he also said, that if she's not allergic to salmon she wont be allergic to any ocean fish (herring,sardines, etc) as that's the "new way of veterinary thinking".
"so how come, my friend is allergic to salmon and no other fish? "
again, he has no response so ......

i may, try the wellness ocean core, again and see. otherwise, he wants me try try duck (boo too) even tho it's fowl, it should be ok, and then of course, there's rabbit (i can't) , bison and other things like that if i am to cook. also, if i'm cooking , i dont have to do the salmon for 3 months like i was told by i forgot who already, but rather 5-6 weeks.

i also said that vangie was scratching herself and i suspect some pollen air allergy thing so can i give her claritin and yes, do so. 10 mgs once a day.

so, that was my meeting but i left out the part that was almost funny. we discussed for the 8000th time the prescription diets and i told him NEVER EVER and told him to go read the labels. i had the vet tech read the science diet ld , that rex was on in the very beginning and she couldnt find the protein. no kidding. it's fat, corn and crap.
and that 's what i told him.
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