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Chub 'o Organs

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For getting Cooper his "non-meaty bone" intake, what do y'all think of something like this?

Raw Diet USA - Green tripe for your dogs, reptiles, and ferrets.
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I personally ONLY buy things intended for the human market, rather than intended for pets.
The reason is the complete lack of laws and regulation of the pet food industry. It's almost scary!
I also don't think tripe is necessary. Plenty of people feed it, and it's by no means bad to fed, I just don't spend on it.

While it is MUCH cheaper than more pre prepared raw foods for pets, I think it would still be much more benefitial and cost efficient to buy meat at the regular grocery store to feed.
I feed tripe on a regular basis and my dogs thrive on it, however I don't feed it instead of anything. They still get all the basic groups of food, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb, fish and organs and the tripe is just an additive. It's very stinky, and my dogs have not got the need to forage for grass since I've been feeding it on a regular basis.
Yea, this looked like a decent way to get the additionals. Since there aren't any bones involved, the grind/chub seemed like a good way to go without having to deal with each of those individual organs. I hear about the security of getting items meant for humans; granted, I don't know anything about this specific company outside of what they say on their website, but I like what they do have to say.
We are actually looking into some of this...depending on how much shipping is. Thanks for the link :wink:
Maybe I'm ignorant or blind, or my web browser is showing something y'all aren't seeing, but I don't understand what exactly this stuff is. My understanding of green tripe is that it is just that, 100% unprocessed tripe (i.e. stomach lining). This stuff (the beef variety) is described as this:

"Beef in a bag (Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Trachea, Gullet, Tongue, and cheek meat) AKA Beef Green Tripe Extreme".

"AKA" is an acronym for "also known as" but nowhere in the ingredients is tripe listed unless they are referring to the "gullet", although technically that is the esophagus.

So is this tripe or not? If so, why isn't it listed in the ingredients and how much actual tripe is there compared to the other ingredients?

I'm confused. :confused:
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