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My dogs had diarrhea for 2 months, because their diet was changed repeatedly. The kennel staff gave them their dog food which was supposed to be hypoallergenic (so they insisted there would be no stomach upset - yeah, right), then after many, many, many days of feeding them boiled rice and boiled hamburger, and starting them on small amounts of their dog food once their poo was solid (adding 8 pieces of kibble to their boiled food caused diarrhea again - bloody diarrhea. I could add one or 2 pieces, but 8 was the limit) - they went back again to the kennel; whereupon (stupid me, forgetting to bring their dog food) they gave them the SAME brand but a different meat - I was feeding beef kibble, they fed fish kibble - the diarrhea came back. It was just awful.

So this is a big question - How do you keep feeding them different things without diarrhea. Let's say that my dogs have been gradually introduced to every type of raw food, then they haven't been on beef for awhile, so I give them a hunk of beef. Will I have to reintroduce slowly every time they go back to another type? I'm really concerned about this. Or maybe I should just stay with chicken forever?????

Please help!

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