Castor & Pollux Dog Food Review

Castor & Pollux Pet Works is a premium pet food manufacturer started by Shelley Gunton and her husband Brian Connoly in the year 2000 in Oregon USA.

Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks pride themselves in being the first to produce a premium quality line of natural specialty food and supplies for pets. The company’s website claims that all their pet food formulas are “crafted with natural and organic proteins plus real fruits and vegetables…”

We believe strongly recommend Castor and Pollux brands, especially Organix formulas and believe this is one of the best dog food brands available today.

Castor and Pollux dog food products are marketed in three dog food brands—Organix, Natural Ultramix, and Good Buddy.

The Organix line of dry dog food includes—Organix Adult Dog, Organix Weight Management, and Organix Puppy.

The Natural Ultramix dry dog food line includes—Natural Ultramix Large Breed, Natural Ultramix Lamb and Rice, Natural Ultramix Puppy, Natural Ultramix Adult Dog, and Natural Ultramix Weight Management.

Good Buddy is the company’s line of dog food treats.

Among the Castor and Pollux Ultramix dog food line, four meet the AAFCO nutrient profile for adult maintenance while formula meets the standard for puppies.

The Castor and Pollux Organix product line has two formulas that satisfy the AAFCO nutrient standards for adult maintenance and one formula for puppies.

The protein component of the dog food lines is derived primarily from meat-based proteins including organic chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, and salmon meal. The protein value of the dog food is further increased with the addition of plant-based protein sources such as peas.

Although the first ingredient for both the Ultramix and Organix lines is organic chicken, it is still considered raw meat with almost 80% water content. Upon processing, water is lost and what’s left is only a fraction of the original ingredient.

It is for this reason that chicken meal, turkey meal, or salmon meal is added, usually as the second or third ingredient. Meat meals are also called meat concentrates which can provide 300 percent more protein to the ration compared to fresh or raw sources.

Both Organix and Ultramix dry dog food formulas are high in carbohydrates. Almost half of the ration is made up of carbohydrates derived from milo, ground whole oats, ground whole barley, brown rice, dried bananas, brewer’s dried yeast, organic brown rice, organic millet, and organic oats.

Most of these carbohydrate sources are claimed to be organic particularly in the Organix dog food line. They are mostly complex carbohydrates which are easily digestible and provide natural fiber in the diet. Millet is gluten-free grains which are hypoallergenic and rich in B-vitamins.

Among the many ingredients of Castor and Pollux dog food products, tomato pomace and brewer’s dried yeast received the most flack because these ingredients are often considered as an inexpensive pet food filler. Yeast has also been linked to increasing the risk of developing Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat, a life-threatening condition.

Many dog owners like the fact that Castor and Pollux dog food formulas do not contain any form of corn particularly among the first five ingredients of each ration. Good results have been reported in dogs given any Castor and Pollux dog food products including shiny hair coat, high energy levels, and better skin condition.

A couple negative reviews arise from hypersensitivity reactions to chicken and chicken meal which are popular dog food allergens. There are also dogs which suffer from grain-based allergies. Dog owners also comment on the Castor and Pollux dog food products to be a bit expensive.

Overall, Castor and Pollux dog foods are some of our highest rated formulas. We strongly recommend this brand.

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Castor & Pollux Dog Food Formulas:

  1. Natural ULTRAMIX Adult Canine Formula
  2. Natural ULTRAMIX Large Breed Adult Canine Formula
  3. Natural ULTRAMIX Puppy Formula
  4. Natural ULTRAMIX Lamb & Rice  Formula
  5. Natural ULTRAMIX Weight Management Formula for Dogs
  6. Natural ULTRAMIX Canned Adult formulas (3 flavors)
  7. Natural ULTRAMIX Canned Puppy Formula (1 flavor)
  8. ORGANIX Adult Formula Dog Food
  9. ORGANIX Puppy Formula Dog Food
  10. ORGANIX Less Active Formula
  11. ORGANIX Canned Formulas: (4 flavors)
  12. Organix Grain-Free Range with Raw Bites
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Castor & Pollux Dog Food Consumer Rating:

Natural ULTRAMIX® Lamb & Rice  Formula