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The Dog - Carnivore or Omnivore

A World Of Difference Exists In The Way Each Should Be Fed.
Feeding Based On The Wrong Characterization Can Create
Breakdowns Of Unimaginable Variety & Proportion.

This Article Suggests How To Best Feed Your Dog In order To Avoid Such Breakdowns.

The dog is a true carnivore, and should be fed accordingly. That is a scientific fact,notwithstanding industry propaganda to the contrary.

In short - carnivores only thrive when they consume diets that are structured as Nature intended: high in the best quality animal protein and fat, rich in vitamins and minerals, low in carbohydrates and fibrous materials, and devoid of plant-based protein.

Despite the fact that plant-matter, particularly in large quantities, is contraindicated in the feeding of carnivores, it nevertheless permeates industry rations because of the role it plays in industry profitability.

Industry, in fact, quite openly admits that it is not producing rations for carnivores, but rather for omnivores, because that is how it characterizes the dog.
Regardless of Industry's motives for characterizing the dog in a manner other than what it truly is, (whether as a result of ignorance, or to justify its extensive use of profit-generating materials for which a carnivore has no nutritional requirement, and would be better off without it) is immaterial.
The end result remains the same - a nutritional gap has been created in commercial nutrition which needs to be filled if breakdowns are to be averted.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for the public to discover how best to feed their carnivore, who has very precise, nutritional needs. There is a dearth of accurate information available, untainted by industry influence.

The public is left to rely upon it's own instincts, intellect and common sense, and to exercise its own judgement as to whether it believes that the dog is a carnivore, omnivore, or whatever, because that is how it must be fed.

Ultimately, self-reliance is the public's best way of making this assessment correctly and the only way it has to avoid becoming the victim of the special interest groups involved.

Commercial rations, on the whole, do not conform to the nutritional patterns established by Nature as essential for the well-being of the carnivore.
As a result, nutritional deficiencies of all sorts, many of a most profound nature, become inevitable.

The dog does not graze, nor can it survive on unprocessed plant matter. The dog cannot thrive on processed matter either. Nature created the dog as a carnivore, and Nature demands that it be fed as a carnivore!

There are three ways mainly of addressing the nutritional dilemma created by Industry's mis-characterization of the dog as an omnivore, and the subsequent design of its feeds to that end.

The first is a home prepared meat-based diet.
This is, however , the most costly and technically demanding approach of all, because it involves the use of meat and a working knowledge of the nutritional requirements of carnivores.

The second option is a commercially available dry meat-based feed produced by the Robert Abady Dog Food Company.
If convenience and economy are important considerations for you, then these scientifically- advanced, species- appropriate rations for carnivores should be considered.

The Abady meat-based rations are of higher quality and cost more per pound than popular Industry premium rations, but the large number of feedings in each box brings the cost down to very reasonable levels.
The benefits of feeding these carnivore-targeted diets far outweigh the nominal differences in cost per feeding that may exist between the Abady Company's products and the Industry diets designed for omnivores.

The Abady Company also produces a number of fresh-frozen, raw meat-based complete diets of exceptional quality and effectiveness.

The third option is to try to overcome many of the deficiencies inherent in commercial nutrition through the use of complementary supplementation developed and manufactured by the leader in the field: Nutra-Vet Research Corporation.

Complementary supplementation is a highly specialized approach to compensating for weaknesses in commercial nutrition.
Through the use of small quantities of the highest quality protein concentrates and specially selected amino acids, a synergism is created with the amino acid patterns in the commercial dog food, which significantly improves the entire ration beyond the simple total of the protein and that contributed by the supplement.

This is a point of great importance and is central to effective supplementation.
Not only do modern premium commercial rations contain large quantities of plant protein, but the aggressive processing that plant-matter requires reduces the availability of the animal proteins and fatty acids that may be included in the ration, as well as that of the vitamins and some of the minerals.

The next item of importance is the addition of vitamins and minerals.
The vitamins in all Nutra-Vet supplements are U.S.P. grade, fit for human consumption.
They are added in amounts needed by carnivores to overcome any under-supply or lack of availability due to the processing of commercial feeds.
Vitamins or minerals that are already amply supplied in the commercial feed are restricted in the supplement.

There is never any risk of unbalancing a ration or over-supplementing with vitamins that could be dangerous in excess (like A & D) with a Nutra-Vet supplement when used as directed, and the results are sometimes astonishing!

Robert Abady Dog Food Co. Ltd. 201 Smith St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601 U.S.A. Ph. 845-473-1900

An Article by Mr. Robert Abady. President,
Robert Abady Dog Food Co. Poughkeepsie NY. 12601. Ph.1-845-473-1900

Dogs are carnivores. Webster's dictionary defines them that way, as has every independent scientist since the beginning of civilization.
Big Industry arbitrarily declares that the dog is an omnivore, even though there is no scientific back-up for this claim.
Big Industry connected veterinarians write the texts on canine nutrition that are used in Veterinary Schools to train other veterinarians, therefore many veterinarians believe that what Big Industry tells them is true.
While it is up to the reader to decide what Big Industry's motives might be in classifying the dog as an omnivore, it is a fact that Big industry makes much more money selling omnivore-targeted diets than it ever could selling carnivore-targeted diets.

These facts are of major importance because they have allowed virtually all of industry's production to be focused on the needs of omnivores, thus creating in the process a nutritional gap of monumental proportions.
The net effect has been a dramatic acceleration in breakdowns of all sorts in dogs.
Feeding dogs properly means feeding them food that they can properly assimilate so that they can grow and maintain themselves without breakdowns. Species appropriate nutrition is what is required, for that is the Rule Of Nature.

Diets rich in high quality animal protein, fats and minerals are the appropriate diets for dogs.
Diets in which the above are under-supplied or are substantially replaced with plant protein, carbohydrates and fibrous materials are the diets to avoid, including those promoted as being "natural".

Species-appropriate nutrition is the watch-word in feeding dogs - anything else is nonsense.
A Carnivore

B Truth in Feeding - an article by Robert Abady

Hope you all find these articles interesting!


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Is there a site that has details of all the products offered by Abady? I go to their web-site but only their grannular products have live links to details. I would be very interested in their other products but can not find them anywhere on the web.

I also called to speak to the owner. She was busy at the time and was to cqall me back. I have been waiting almost a year for a return call. I do use their Classic Stress and maint.

If you have any links to their complete line, I would appreciate it.

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If you have any links to their complete line, I would appreciate it.
You're talking about a lot of products and I honestly don't know where you can find them all. I don't think there is that place, however, NYC Pet Supply in NYC does a very good job. What they don't have is the Raw line up, but they have a ton of Granulars (different box weights) and a lot of the canned stuff. They also sell have the kibble (never bought any kibble).

NYCPETSUPPLY :: Dog Food :: Shop by Brand A-H :: Abady

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