Are you looking for a good brand of dog food to feed your puppy? If so, Canidae makes Canidae All stages dog food.  Canidae All Stages offers you dog the nutritional needs to meet its growing and energy needs. If you are looking for a dog food brand specifically for puppy, let me ask you a questions. Do dogs in the wild have a choice between puppy and adult food? The obvious answer is No. When feeding a puppy premium puppy food it doesn't matter so much as the ingredients as it does the amount of food. A puppy is going to need twice as much as an adult dog. Canidae recognized this and developed Canidae All Stages, which means  it just as good as a puppy food than it is as an adult food.Let's now take an in depth look  into Canidae All Stages and see if its a good brand of puppy food. As with most puppy food the first five ingredients are going to the most important. With the exception of the first five ingredients try and make sure that your puppy food doesn't contain any corn. The first five ingredients of Canidae All Stages are:
  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Lamb
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
In the first five ingredients we can see that there are 3 different sources of meat and protein.  Also in the first five ingredients there are no grains and no corn in any of the ingredients. The eight ingredient is Ocean fish meal which offers another source of protein.
Protein is essential for your puppies growth.  Canidae All Stages is 80% Protein, 20% Fruits and Vegetables and 0% grains.

Daily Feeding Guidelines

Dog Weight       Amount


2-10lbs                .5-1.5 cups


10-25lbs              1.5-2 cups


5-75lbs                 2-4 cups


75-100lbs            5-6 cups

Canidae Puppy Food PROS:
  • Great source of Protiens
  • No Grains
  • No Corn
  • Human Grade Meat
Canidae Puppy Food CONS:
  • Costly
  • Hard to find
Final thoughts:

After looking at everything I would recommend this food. The only thing I would watch out for his how your dog reacts to the high protein levels. It would be a very good idea to ease your dog into this brand of food.