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Ok so I asked Canidae about ~~~~~~~~~

I am wondering how you preserve your fish in your products? Do you use ethoxyquin? I am very concerned with ethoxyquin in my dogs food.

Your new line als grain free for dogs.

Have you had any recalls lately?

This is their reply. What do you think?

Hi Wags,

Unfortunately, there are so many myths and misconceptions related to ethoxyquin that we find it important to help you better understand the subject. CANIDAE is always about transparency and openness, offering factual information about our products. If we were to say our pet food is 100% free of ethoxyquin that may not be completely accurate due to current testing capabilities. We have tested many of our competitors' brands and no pet food has been clinically tested to be ethoxyquin-free. The truth is, because current testing is capable of detecting less than 1 part per million, test results may show extremely low levels of ethoxyquin. For example, a recent CANIDAE batch has been clinically tested to contain less than 1.2 ppm of the anti-oxidant. This is far less of the anti-oxidant than certain pet food companies' products contain, despite those manufactures' claims that their products are ethoxyquin-free.
Ingredients such as fish must be properly stabilized in the raw state, as required by the FDA, as the effect of rancid pet food would greatly outweigh the minute parts per million of anti-oxidants that may or may not be present.
All CANIDAE and FELIDAE products when produced are always naturally preserved utilizing Naturox as an anti-oxidant. Naturox, a registered trademark, is an all-natural free flowing anti-oxidant for use in the preservation of oils, fats, fat-soluble vitamins, flavors, aromas, carotenoids and other oxygen-sensitive material. Ethoxyquin is never used as an anti-oxidant during our manufacturing process, and we continually test other brands of pet food to make sure we are below tested levels or within standards of our category.
All CANIDAE products meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient profiles and are manufactured in USDA approved facilities with consistently superior Silliker Good Manufacturing and Food Safety Audits scores of 95% or above.
Attached are the links for our grain free formulas so yu can compare them with any formula you wish. No, we hav not ever been the subjest of any recalls. To insure this CANIDAE has strict protocols which require that all formulas are tested in-line during our production runs, and cleared by a second supervisor every 30 minutes. Additionally, there are 141 ingredient tests and 10 finished product tests. We also send our batch samples out to an independent laboratory for third party testing, to insure the safety of our food.
CANIDAE is committed to providing the highest standard of excellence for nutritional benefit, palatability, product safety, and customer satisfaction. We understand the level of trust that our customers have come to expect from us and from our products. It is our responsibility and commitment to continue to deliver on that trust!
CANIDAE® All Natural Holistic Dog Food - Grain Free Salmon dry formula
CANIDAE® All Natural Holistic Dog Food - Grain Free All Life Stages dry formula


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