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My dog is about 7 months old and about 70 lbs. Yesterday night I noticed his elbow is really swollen. It feels as though it is filled with fluid. I have read about Bursas, and that sounds about accurate...but he doesnt spend prolonged time on hard surfaces. He sleeps inside on the carpet and has a blanket in his kennel for the short time he has to stay in it when I am not home. I am probably going to take him to the vet if it doesnt clear up soon, but I was just wondering what you all thought...
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It could be one of many things. Is he limping? Does it hurt to touch it? Does he seem to be in pain? If the answers to all these is "no", I would wait a couple of days. It may just go away. If there are any yesses, a trip to the vet is in order.
He doesnt seem bothered at all by it. If its not at least going down by next week, Ill make an appointment.
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