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Some of the top brands have caved in and are now using the big conglomerate pet food manufacturers. These manufacturers have a less than perfect track record...

Diamond (alpha toxins from corn fillers)
Menu foods (melamine poisoning from rice and wheat gluten)

This is the current list researched by a trusted member of my sheltie board.

From various sources on the internet regarding some brands. Most information dates back to 2007.

Artemis: Does not use Menu Foods, but the name of manufacturer is unknown.
No wheat, soy, or wheat gluten.

Canidae: Now outsources to Diamond.
No glutens.

Dogswell: Does not use Menu, but the name of the manufacturer is unknown. The manufacturer is USDA approved.
No wheat gluten, other type of gluten, rice protein, or rice protein.

Grandma Lucy's: Brands include Grandma's Lucy and Bella Lucy.
No parent company.
No wheat gluten.

Merrick: All brands made in their own facility. But is known to operate a rendering plant next door to the dog food plant.
No wheat gluten.

Natura Pet Products: Brands inlcude Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature, and Karma Organic.
Canned foods made by Menu.
No wheat or corn products.

Natural Balance: Dry formulas made at Diamond but supervises prodcution.
No wheat gluten.

Old Mother Hubbard (Wellness): Does use Menu Foods for some canned dog and cat foods but requires industry audit.

Solid Gold: Outsourced to Diamond.
Canned foods produed by Blue Sky Pet Foods.
No wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate.

Timber Wolf: Manufactured by Diamond.
No wheat gluten, yellow corn soy, or animal byproducts.

Verus: No products made by Menu. Canned foods manufactued by Merrick.
No wheat gluten, but canned cat food contains corn gluten.

Ziwi Peak: Individually owned.
No rice protein or gluten.
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