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We switched our rescue dog to a raw food diet about 7 months ago in order to address a myriad of health problems (digestive upsets, allergies, muscle wastage, low appetite). I've been following Dr Conor Brady's guidance from 'Feeding Dogs' religiously throughout this time and it has fixed or improved almost all of our boy's problems. However, we recently had to get him x-rayed for a back problem, and the vet observed that the x-ray showed small bone fragments in his intestines from his last meal (I could see these myself). I thought these were supposed to be turned to mush before they passed through from the stomach of a raw-fed dog. Should I be worried?

For clarity, he is eating size-appropriate bones only - he is a New Zealand heading dog (similar size & constitution to a lightly built collie) and his bone-related portions are usually rabbit, possum (that's a brush-tailed possum, not the North American variety), goat and wallaby tails, etc - never anything bigger than that. His diet is 99% raw, with the occasional cooked veges or scraps of cooked meat (plus dehydrated treats and a bit of cheese for training purposes).

Would be really grateful for thoughts on this and for any pointers to relevant scientific literature (if any).
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