Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo dog food is formulated with natural ingredients and a combination of active nutrients and antioxidants which have been incorporated in a patented secret formula known as LifeSource ® Bits. Its manufacturer states that it uses a holistic approach in Blue dog food recipes in order to satisfy the nutritional needs of each age group of dogs.  Its main ingredients include meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. In an effort to adhere to their claim of being 100% natural, no poultry by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives were added. No wheat, corn, soy was added to avoid any hypersensitivity reactions in some dogs.

The manufacturers of Blue Buffalo dog food have come up with four varieties of dry dog food. Each product is designed to supply the required daily nutrients of specific age groups of dogs. These four dog food formula include the BLUE ™ Life Protection, Longevity, Wilderness, and Basics. Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food brand is often regarded as the best of the bunch.

Blue Buffalo dog food recipes feature deboned chicken, lamb or fish as the major ingredient. Whole grains including brown rice and whole barley, and sweet potato are incorporated as the main sources of energy. Garden vegetables and fruits are also included to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Other important components of Blue Buffalo dog food include the inulin-rich chicory root which is a good source of soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that promotes the growth and multiplication of beneficial bacteria within the dog’s gastro-intestinal tract. Special probiotics have also been added to the kibble to enhance digestive and immune functions. Chelated minerals promote better assimilation and metabolism of protein in the body.

There are certain ingredients which are considered as controversial in that their effects and importance as a feed nutrient has been questioned by some experts.  Canola oil is known for its omega-3 content however some consider it as an unhealthy fat. Tomato pomace has been incorporated because of its high fiber and nutrient content however there are those who consider it as just inexpensive filler for pet foods.

To prolong the shelf-life of its products, the manufacturers of Blue Buffalo dog food used Rosemary, an all-natural preservative which is safe and organic.

Many dog owners who are using Blue Buffalo dog food formulas claim that their pets are much more energetic and are not prone to digestive problems. Their pets’ hair coats are glossy while the skin remains healthy and protected against seasonal itching and allergies. Dog owners whose pets suffer from skin allergies also reported favorable results after having made the switch from their old dog food to Blue Buffalo.

While still fairly highly recommended and of good quality, the reputation of the Blue Buffalo line of dog food formulas has been slightly tainted due to a recall of specific products which have been suspected of containing excessive levels of Vitamin D. Although Vitamin D is an important feed nutrient, some dogs show hypersensitivity reactions to the high levels resulting in lethargy, increased water consumption and increased frequency of urination.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

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