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Bladder stones

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Would a raw food diet help my 50 lb german shorthair bitch. The presription diets do not! Any advice ?
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I don't know anytime that a raw diet isn't healthier for a dog than a processed diet. I have known MANY MANY dogs with health problems have those problems disappear once they are on a prey model raw diet.
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Would a raw food diet help my 50 lb german shorthair bitch. The presription diets do not! Any advice ?
A RAW diet for sure will!

BUT...does she currently have stones? If so what kind? Most kinds of stones have to be surgically removed and will not go away on their own...which means they will continue to cause trouble....Or does she continue to get them after they have been removed?
A raw diet is healthier than anything processed, be it kibble or canned food.
It will definately make your dogs healthier, happier, and in general in better condition.

Most stones do not disappear on their own, though. Have you had them removed before?
No stones currently.We have had them removed by ultasound and she has passed them as well.She seems to have ropblems about once every 9 months or so. According to my vet,we live in the "stone belt",north central Illinois...very bad for humans as well as dogs. I am ready to try anything..she cannot continue this and I cannot afford too many $3000 vet bills.Sharon
My little dog had surgery for bladder stones two years ago. They wanted to put her on the prescription diet but in my opinion that food is terrible. While I don't have her on a raw diet, I did switch her to a grain free diet and she hasn't had any stones or bladder problems at all since. We also live in an area with a lot of minerals in the water .....makes a mess of our hot water heater all the time.

I would have to think that a raw diet would be ideal for your dog's problem if you are able to go that route.
bladder stones

Thanks...I guess I will take the plunge and see if it helps.Sharon
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