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Best $40 I ever spent on treats Part 2

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Best $40 I ever spent on treats! There's 100 packages in those boxes. I was tempted to open them all and dump them into a BIG pile for the picture LOL

Last time I got approx 40 bags for the same price :biggrin:

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I have those exact same treats for Aspen...but his are salmon. :smile::smile:
I got them from kingwholesale couple months ago, which was a great value, I guess since theyre expired now, theyre selling them for pennies. I think I'll get some more since we've been doing a lot of training and he loves these treats.
I personally think they're 1 of the best treats we've ever used. The dogs absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them
Where exactly did you buy these treats from?
Holy crap that's amazing! Thanks so much, I'm getting some and cheap puppy toys now! SCORE! :biggrin:

Hey, it says "King pays shipping!" at the bottom, but then says I need to pay $5 in shipping, did you pay shipping?
I think I did end up paying shipping. Came out to $52 for 100 packages
From what I understood, the shipping is free, but it costs extra for "handling".
I hate and love you for introducing me to that site! I just spent $50 on dog toys, treats, and chews!
Bargains like this that make me wish I lived in US! Aaah swimming in a pool of treats...lucky dogs!:biggrin:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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