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beef ribs, bone shards in vomit

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I havent given Uno ribs in a while, so I bought some recently and he was quite happy gnawing on them. He usually eats the whole bone and I find little crummbly pieces, but he's never had stomach upset.
Last night he started vomiting shards of bone as well as some of the grass he's eaten earlier because of upset stomach. He wouldnt eat breakfast this morning, so we went to the park since he feels better after a walk. Well to my complete horror when he started squating to poo, this red liquid poured out, it wasnt the color of blood, more like beet red. He also pooped out a lot of grass. I was seriously worried that he's punctured an organ or something that it was blood.

But after a walk, he has perked up, we went to a dog park and he played just fine, after we got home, I cooked up some chicken and rice and he's been doing fine since.

Should I be avoid feeding him beef ribs?
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If he had punctured an organ or perforated his intestine you would know. He would be in serious distress and show extreme signs of pain and discomfort. The fact that he is acting relatively normal today I can say with confidence that he just had some digestive upset.

The beef ribs probably just didn't sit well with him. I wouldn't offer him any food until tomorrow at the earliest. Adding more into his digestive system will just make him more upset and take longer to recover. His stool was probably a different color because of the meat on the bone, and the fact that he probably didn't break down much since his tummy was upset. Just give it some time to get back to normal. Did he have a meal before he got the rib?

I wouldn't avoid feeding beef ribs considering they are a great dental chew. I would just make sure you don't feed anything but the beef rib that day, meaning no kibble until the following day.
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Thanks, I didnt think it was a puncture because he was acting the usual self, except for upset stomach.
I usually give him a bone at night, he eats dinner around 5 pm and gets a bone, probably around 9 p.m,he's never had issues before, but there was a bit more fat on these ribs then usual, maybe thats why.

I appriciate the prompt response, I feel a lot better now :)
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