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Hello everyone. I've just started feeding raw to my three dogs (for only two weeks now) and they are all loving it and it has already cleared up a persistent skin infection in one of my boys, and weepy eyes in my two oldest dogs. They all look good but I have two questions if someone could help me out a little bit, as I'm finding it almost impossible to get a clear answer from all the research I'm doing on the internet.

First question concerns my 7 month old puppy. She is doing well but I'm reading conflicting information on calcium requirements. It seems either too much or too little is going to cause her harm with bone growth and she still has a lot of growing to do so I need to get this right. I'm currently adding one egg per day including the shell to her meals including the shell. She also gets about 50% of her entire diet in meaty bones (chicken necks and feet mostly, sometimes a pig foot). Would you say that was too much, too little, or just enough? Her final estimated weight will be about 20kg

Second question is regarding one of my boys who is now just over 2 years old and has been on kibble with a little added meat and veg until I just switched them all over two weeks ago. His weight was perfect when I switched and then when I switched to raw he lost weight and had ribs and hip bones showing very quickly so I upped the amount. He is now eating 4% of his normal good body weight and he is putting on a little more weight but he is still showing ribs. I estimate he's about 10% under what he should be. He is getting muscle meat in the form of lean mince beef and chicken gizzards, 50% meaty bones (I calculate to give him about 15% bone in total), one egg per day inc. shell, about an ounce of sardines per 1 lb of meat per day, additional hemp seed oil and coconut oil (1 tsp per day of each). His ideal weight is 20kg. Any suggestions on what I can add to put the extra weight on him, as I feel there must be something missing for him still to be under weight and hungry even on 4% of his body weight per day in food. He is moderately active, an hour of walking/running/swimming per day then the rest of the day in and out on our property, running around a bit, snoozing a bit. Or is this a normal aspect of changing from carbs to protein and fat for fuel for a dog? Will he adjust? My other two dogs have kept their good weight but they are younger and have not been eating kibble for as long as he has.

Any suggestions or advice or links to information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your time.
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