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Arthritis and diet

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My 11 year old lab has been diagnosed with chronic arthritis. He is now on doggy boot camp as the vet said.needs to lose 4kg
Our problem is he will not eat tinned dog food.
We were thinking of boiled chicken , rice and carrots!?? And how much should he have a day. But then can he eat that everyday ?
Any suggestions out there?
Bill is such a great dog and the vet seems to think there’s hope moving forward .
He’s on meta cam and yu move for now but has anyone tried the monthly injections ?
Hopefully someone can help?
Many thanks
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has anyone tried the monthly injections
Librela? They seem to work really well for some dogs, not so much for others. But it might be worth trying at least one, to see.

Alongside that WITH YOUR VET'S AGREEMENT you could feed anti inflammatory foods like turmeric, ginger?

Chicken, rice and carrots isn't a complete diet. It might help for a short period but I think it lacks calcium as well as other things.
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