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Any suggestions or has anyone tried~

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I bought my dogs the reflective colors for evening~night walking. Hmmm they are ok lets just say not as reflective as I thought they would be. That said~
Has anyone tried This huglight an LED light that you wrap around the dogs neck? Sounds odd, but they do have a web sight. Welcome to! - LED Clip Lights for all of your lighting needs!
Or does anyone do something diffrent other than holding a good old fashion flashlight while evening walking their dogs?
I am looking for something for them to have on so they are visable in the darkness and the relfective colors I ordered seem to not be enough light on them and also~ gee for me to see without falling on a sidewalk crack haha!
Any suggestions or other ideas or has anyone tried this hug light?
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Looks pretty neat. We don't walk much at night but could see it being easy to use and useful if you did
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you can get one of these at petsmart:

Nite Ize Nite Dawg L.e.d. Light-up Dog Collar-Dog Toys

Or this light you can hang on the collar:

Nite Ize Spotlit - L.e.d. White - Pet Light-Dog Toy

I just have a reflective bandana I got at target for $3 which works just fine.
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I always use a flashlight for night walking, that way when someone gets too close I wave my flashlight around so they notice me. It's kinda like telling them to back off or slow down!
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