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Another from FL

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Hi, I'm from Southwest Florida, and have been reading this forum for about the past year. I've got a 3yo aussie cattle dog x german shepherd, and have really tried to research about giving her the best nutrition I can. I must say that because of what I've read here, I've been pushing more towards going totally raw. But, I just can not get her to eat liver (cooked, slightly cooked, frozen, raw) or raw chicken can you believe. So, because I don't want her to miss out on any vital vitamin, I've got her on a diet of a combination of Ziwipeak, Orijen, Evo, Natures Variety Raw and always has a raw bone/rib/trotter whatever every day. She doesnt have any problems having the raw and kibble together, but her preference is definately the raw, so thats where I'm heading. If only she'd eat the bloody liver then we'd all be happy.
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Have you tried hidding it in something like canned salmon or mackerel? Start off with just a pinch and add a little each time until its the amount you want to feed. Don't try to grow the "pinch" too fast. Be patient, she will come around. :smile:
We just force our dogs to eat it once a week. It's become routine since 3 or 4 don't like liver. We just cut it up in bit size pieces and give it to them like they were taking a pill..... not what we want to do but what we choose to do because they just won't eat it
Yeah, I've tried putting a bit in her favourite ground pork, she wouldn't eat it, so I put it back in the fridge and tried again for the next 4 meals before I gave up, so she beat me there. Maybe there was a bit too much of it to start off with so I will try that again, with just a pinch of it and see how we go, so thanks for that suggestion. If that doesn't work, then. well, my final strategy is to force it very nicely down her throat, golly, that sounds awful! But, its for her own good.
When we were at the vet last time (we were away, so not our normal one)she commented on how nice Mollie's coat was and how well she looked, and when I mentioned that I'm trying to feed raw or as close to it as possible, she just looked at me and said, well, whatever your'e doing, keep it up because it's obviously agreeing with her. Our local vet here doesn't agree with raw, I've had that discussion with her as well, reckons the dog will get food poisoning, I couldn't believe my ears but I'm not the argueing type!
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My dogs wouldn't eat liver or kidney at all. I now freeze it and then semi defrost it, cut it into pieces and I have to hand feed it to the dogs as they won't eat the liver out of the bowl. Maybe if you try making it more personal with hand feeding. Good Luck and don't give up!
Hi and welcome to the forum!:smile:
Welcome from KY! I haven't been a member long either ;)
Gosh, I am feeling lucky that my two will eat anything I put in front of them.
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