Addiction Dog Food Review

Addiction is a pet food company based in New Zealand. It was founded in 2002 by a leading holistic veterinarian and clinical nutritionist who wanted to use his extensive knowledge to create foods that are healthy for your dog. He believed that many commercial dog foods not only give your pet no benefit, but may also do him some harm, creating food allergies and other serious health issues. Armed with this assumption, he decided to make his own line of pet foods to combat the problem.

The company website states “Setting out to revolutionize pet food formulation, our founder developed a completely new range of foods inspired by our cats’ and dogs’ natural diets and based on providing them with all the nutrients they need to thrive. He formulated recipes around premium proteins and high quality wild game meats – meats that were not only much richer in nutrients, but also hypoallergenic and easier to digest. He added vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds to these meats to intensify their flavor and wholesomeness. The results were simply amazing. Each patient who tried the new food would devour it and ask for more. These pioneer dogs and cats were soon refusing their normal food and only eating these new dishes (hence our brand name ‘Addiction’). More significantly, those patients that were regularly fed Addiction showed significant improvements in skin and coat health and greater overall vitality. Encouraged by these results, our founder continued to develop Addiction into a complete range of cutting edge foods to provide the most advanced hypoallergenic nutrition for dogs and cats around the world.”

Addiction uses premium proteins, including game such as kangaroo and brushtail. Some of these creatures are introduced to New Zealand and Australia, where they're actually considered pests. By using meats such as these, they're helping farmers to reduce pests and using meat from animals who might otherwise be killed, but not eaten. All ingredients are very carefully chosen and no artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products are used in any of the formulas. All the foods are cooked and processed at low temperatures to retain as many nutrients as possible. However, additional vitamins and minerals are also added, so that your dog will get optimum nutrition.

Addiction Dog Food Formula Reviews

1. King Salmon and Potatoes Entree

2. Unagi and Seaweed Entree

3. Perfect Summer Brushtail

4. Wishbone Ocean

5. La Porchetta

6.  Addiction Viva La Venison