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In case any one was interested - I emailed Champion about the new formulas and ash levels.

Here is what I got;

The ash levels for the new Regional’s are as follows:
Wild Prairie- 7%
Grasslands- 9%

The ash content for our ACANA Lamb & Okanagan Apple is 9%, our Duck & Bartlett Pear as well as our Chicken & Burbank Potato have levels of 7.5%.
h can be produced through the incineration of any organic substance. Millies Wolfheart contains higher quality meat and fish from both fresh and meal than many of the other brands available and this results in higher ash content. Since meat and fish meals often contain bone in them (which contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus), adding more of these meat and fish meals result in the ash content of our food being higher than the lower meat higher carb grain filled lower quality foods. Although, ash seems to be perfectly harmless from a scientific point of view, it still used as a selling promo for low quality foods who promote their low ash content but forget to explain the reasoning behind this which is low meat inclusion and usually high vegetable proteins. Many dog owners have expressed their opinions that, more than anything ash is mostly filler and takes up space where more healthful ingredients should be included. Which is totally incorrect. There is an essential amount of ash required by the AAFCO to meet nutritional requirements.
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