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AAFCO removing glucosamine?

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Hey has anyone heard any rumors that AAFCO is going to require that dog food companies stop adding glucosamine to their dog food?
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I haven't heard it and I doubt that it's true. I don't think the AAFCO has the power to require anything.
Most products don't include enough to make a difference anyway. Maybe they just want a better labeling of it?
I took my lab to the vet this past month and he told me to put my own glucosimine ~msm in the food I give. He said that the amounts in the dog food are not enough to actually make any difference. I have not read this from the AAFCO but I know in 2005 it was discussed also. Oh he aslo said not to really worry about the amount of chondrotine just the amount of glucosime.
Really? I've always heard the two act together to be more effective. I know the MSM is good, at least for me it is. I started taking a supplement that has all 3 in it and I can actually tell the difference whereas with just gluc and chond I couldn't really tell at all. But yeah, I know that too much of it over too long can be more detrimental than beneficial at times, but so do a million other dog food ingredients so why they'd just go after that one I'm not sure.
Doubtful, AAFCO hasn't changed their standards since the 70's, why start now
eh, just give the dogs chicken feet :)

the amounts of vitamins and such is minimal in dog foods and not exact a veterinarian once told me and thats why i do give Peanut a multi vitamin, nuvet plus.
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By the time they are done taking all this out of the dog food there will be nothing left. Time to head back to good old natural foods... huh?

Warren D
I really hope they don't remove Glucosamine. Actually, what they should do is increase the levels because it's not enough. I feed my dog Acana Wild Prairie and it has 1000 mg/cup Glucosamine and 800 mg/cup Chondroitin. This is one of the main reasons I chose this food, apart from the great ingredients. I don't know of a food that has such high levels. Anyone know of any other great foods with high levels of Glucosamine and Chondrotin?
Chicken feet. Any bone joint with connective tissue still attached.
Sorry, I meant dry food.
Sorry, I meant dry food.
There is no dry food that has enough to make any difference. They put just a little for a marketing gimick.
Orijen has about 1200 mg/cup of glucosamine and 900 mg/cup of chondroitin, so it's a little higher. You have to keep in mind that it's been cooked though (like with all other dog foods), so it could have lost up to 75% of its potency. You're best off just giving a gluc, chond, and MSM pill/supplement IMO
Has anyone heard of Hills Science Diet JD Prescription. I know it's poor quality food (not to offend anyone here, just my opinion), but my dogs vet wanted me to switch. He said it has highest level of Glucosamine and Chondroitin (after it's been cooked). True? Probably another gimmick huh. I never tried the food, and never will!! I have also switched my dogs vet that actually cares about my dog, and not just about the money!!!
Hey has anyone heard any rumors that AAFCO is going to require that dog food companies stop adding glucosamine to their dog food?
I received the Small Entities Compliance Guide from my representative with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. How I interpret this information is that glucosamine has been recently included in a list identified by the AAFCO as products that cannot be fed to ruminants, thus it does not pertain to dog food.
I haven't heard anything about this, but personally I wouldn't give it much thought, the AAFCO doesn't hold much power to demand anything. :rolleyes:
nice sharing!
Additional ingredients for joint repair

AAFCO will not be recommending removal any time soon. I just took an animal nutrition course where I learned that there are other ingredients that act as naturally occuring joint therapy. Read your bag's ingredients

Green Lipped Mussels - are anti-inflammatory and protect the stomach lining while relieving pain from worn or damaged joints.

Yucca Shidigera - considered an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory to help comfort stressed joints....(plus it reduces ammonia production in urine and feces thereby reducing odors!)

The food I am feeding my dogs is called Lotus Pet Food. It has all of the above in addition to the Glucosamine and Chondroitin. My pup winces less when getting up and down and his coat is soooooo shiny :smile:
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