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A story of fate

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Ok so here is a animal story that will surely warm your heart. Back in 2004 I found a beautiful husky/shep mix at animal control and fell in love with him. He was 50 lbs under weight and scared as he** but I saw a good dog in him. I had to wait two weeks to get him. I was so excited! I spent the next week trying to get ready for him and showing everyone pictures of my new dog. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with some brain issues and had to drop my application on this dog (obviously I was not able to care for a dog atm) and it broke my heart! I was so upset and I hoped he found a good home. I just felt like a horrible person for placing the application and I had always wondered what had happened to him. I prayed he was safe.

Two years later I met my boyfriend J.D online and I noticed his dog looked very familiar but I just shrugged it off as a coincidence. There was no way. Well after talking with JD for several weeks it turns out it was true! The same dog I had to drop the application on was J.D's dog WILY! I was so excited I couldn't wait to meet him. When I got there Wily just whined and sank down into my lap. He kissed me all over and I could tell he remembered. J.D said he had never seen Wily give a stranger such a warm welcome. It was that moment I believed in fate. Wily now has a wonderful home and I get to be in his life. Sometimes things just work out...thank god.
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Wow! That is amazing. And a sure sign that your boyfriend is the right one for you also. What a great story!
That's incredible!! Sounds like a cute lil' dog!
Now that is definitely a heartwarming story! Sometimes things just work out the way they should.
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