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So, I just did an inventory of the freezers, just out of curiosity... because we're almost out of packaged days (3 more days left) so I wanted to see what we have out there.... here's what we have:

Lamb Breast: 4.87 lbs
Chicken Liver: ~2lbs (4 tubs)
Chicken Quarters: 60 lbs
Whole Turkey: 171.23 lbs
Goat: 3.38 lbs
Pork Shoulder Picnic roasts: 18.48 lbs
Pork Heart: 3.03lbs
Beef Shank Boneless: 5.25 lbs
Beef Brisket: 13.44 lbs
Beef Ribs: 3.32 lbs
Beef, ground: 5 lbs
Whole Talapia: 2.48 lbs
Whole Sardines: 3.01 lbs

For a TOTAL of 301.55lbs of meat needing to be opened, packaged, and refrozen. I think I just made my plans this weekend.......:rolleyes:

Okay, POINTLESS as ever thread, but I had to share. I feel proud. lol. COnsidering the only meat in the freezer for Jon and I is about 2 lbs of ground beef and a bag of talapia fillets.

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Everyone packages their meat differently. The method I do is a little more work upfront than some, but it works really well for us, and is super convenient down the road.

I package my meat into one day packages. I feed two meals per day, and one is generally chicken, so in each baggie will be one meal of chicken, and one of goat, beef, lamb, turkey, pork, fish, etc. Then I write on the ziploc whatever the second meat is. (it all starts to look the same after it's frozen)

Because Annie eats about 1.75 lbs per day, hers go in gallon sized bags, and since grissom only eats half a pound per day, I just use sandwhich baggies for him. (I don't bother buying expensive freezer bags, because even those leak on me, so cheap wal mart brands it is!) If we get this cocker spaniel rescue that I'm hoping for, I'll probably just throw his meals in with grissom's and call it good.

I pull a big bag, and a small bag from the freezer every night and let it thaw for the next day. About twice a week I give them an egg, too.

BTW: I am the new proud foster Mommy of we think a Corgi! The people told me it was a schnauzer/cocker mix but no way.
Ohh that's so exciting, congrats! I would LOVE to see pictures!

Stephen Axtell ate cheap pasta with sauce-from-a-jar for dinner, while his dogs ate steak. What's wrong with this picture....?
My husband says things like this all the time. lol. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner last night, the dogs had ribs.
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