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For anyone here who has been following the news like I have, you're probably at least a little concerned about pet treats coming from China contaminated with God-knows-what. If so, take a second to check
<a href="">Dog Gone Jerky</a>
from the American Pet Food Company.

We're 100% made and sourced in the US. We hire and buy locally and use only USDA inspected and approved ingredients in our USDA inspected facility. USDA inspected means that our product is legally fit for human consumption, no scrap inedible organ meats, no filler or adulterants, not ever, no way. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most pet food manufacturers because we believe that our pets are part of our family and we shouldn't feed them anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves.

So if you're interested in moving to a higher standard, if you're interested in supporting small American businesses, if you believe your pets deserve the best there is to offer, give us a try.
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