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  1. How many Kcals when trying to lose weight

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Sonia is currently at 80lbs, but should be in the 65-70 lbs range. She goes on a walk 1-1.5 miles per day, but is otherwise a porch hound. How many Kcals should I be feeding daily to help her lose the weight at a healthy rate?
  2. 36 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - diet kibble suggestion?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hey forum, My parents always had larger dogs and figured they are similar to smaller breeds. After being away from home for 5 years I return to see the small/mid size breed dog had become an obese one. He is at 36 pounds. For more than 2 months now I have cut his food portion drastically to even...