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  1. Precise Holistic Complete Wild at Heart Flight Line Formula

    General Dog Discussion
    This product might not have as much meat as some of their Holistic formulas, but this is still a good dog food . They use mostly quality ingredients. We recommend this food but we do not like seeing salt, Citrus Fiber or Fat Product. Precise Holistic Complete Wild at Heart Flight Line Formula...
  2. Purina Pro Plan Select Natural Turkey & Barley

    Dog Food Reviews
    Of all the Purina dog foods we have looked at, this is the very best they have to offer, although is is still a very low grade dog food.  It is downright scary seeing brewers dried yeast in the list, but worse is seeing it this high. Natural flavor is an unknown ingredient and most likely...
  3. Farm Stand Selects Turkey Recipe

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a good dog food that uses some quality ingredients. There is a good mixture of all the food groups. We do not like seeing animal digest and menadione sodium bisulfite complex in any dog food. Tomato pomace is a somewhat of a controversial ingredient and used as a stool hardener. Farm...
  4. Evo Turkey & Chicken Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    There is a very good argument for Evo being the best mass produced dog foods on the market today.  They also use high grade ingredients in this food. We are concerned about this future of this product since the company was recently bought by Proctor & Gamble. Evo Turkey & Chicken Ingredient...
  5. Evo Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    The manufacturer of EVO dog food formulas, Natura Pet Products, credits itself with creating the “first ever grain-free, low carbohydrate dry pet food”.  The EVO dog food formulas are tailored to mimic the diets of dogs in the wild. The low-carbohydrate formulas were designed to help pets...