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  1. Super new and needing some pointers/advice!

    Raw Feeding
    Hi! Im Kells, I am getting a dog in May after 20 years of desperately wanting a dog! (I am so extremely excited :D) I am determined to be the best puppy-mama I can be so, I of course want to feed a raw diet! I just have a few things that are not entirely clicking for me. I kinda want to feed...
  2. Anemia

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    My dog, Jasper, is a bichon frise and is anemic due to a puncture wound while "rough housing" with my daughters' dogs. :frown: I have been advised to give him raw liver, but he will not eat it raw. He has eaten it cooked, but I was told the nutritional value is greatly diminished once cooked...