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  1. new member with picky puppy

    Introduce yourself
    I adopted a rescue blue nose Staffy back in June and had her on TOTW Pacific Stream because she has broken out in hives and has flaky skin (dandruff). I also give her 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily and one 1000 mg fish oil pill daily. About 2 weeks ago I switched her food to Acana Pacifica...
  2. Help for itchy dog with stomach issues; opinions on TOTW

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hey there. Our little guy, Bentley, is a 13-month mini Labradoodle. We have struggled on the food dept with him. He started out with Natural Balance duck& potato but he seemed to have stool//digestive issues; we moved him to NB venison but same thing. We finally tried Acana Pacific fish and...
  3. Switching food - recommendations?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    My 7 month old Cairn Terrier has been eating Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream since she was born. Recently, we bought a new 35lb bag and she seems to be having issues keeping it down. First question, is there that much variance in bags of food or is this just a coincidence? Could this have...
  4. TOTW Dog Food and Gas

    General Dog Discussion
    I've been feeding my dog TOTW Dog Food and she has horrible gas and very smelly poops. I actually called up TOTW and was told it might be because of the high protein content 32% (High Prarie Formula). Anyone else with this problem? She's a 5 month old boxer dark reverse brindle. If not this dog...