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  1. President's Choice Nutrition First Adult Dog Food- Salmon & Potato

    Dog Food Reviews
    As with other formulas from PC, this is another very good dog food made in Canada. We would like to see a little more meat, but this food contains some very good ingredients, with no nasty ingredients. The price point is also very reasonable for the quality. We recommend this dog food to our...
  2. Pure Vita Salmon and Potato

    Dog Food Reviews
    If your dog likes salmon this dog food could be for you. It looks to be grain light and we see no nasty ingredients. We are confused about the use of potato protein and natural vegan flavors. We like seeing Oatmeal replacing grains. Tomato pomace is a filler, but it does serve a purpose with...
  3. Prairie Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Medley

    Dog Food Reviews
    At the bottom of the dog food formula list there are some freeze dried ingredients and these make up the spray coating used on this product. We are not 100% sold on the idea of Montmorillonite Clay in a dog’s diet. This is a grain heavy food and we would like to see at another meat ingredient...
  4. Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    We could find nothing on TOTW 's website about the use of ethoxyquin by their suppliers. With Salmon losing up to 40% of its mass after processing, that makes Ocean fish meal as the #1 ingredient. This entire product uses high grade ingredients throughout the formula. Taste Of The Wild Pacific...