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  1. Raw Feeding
    okayy . so i want to start feeding my dog a raw food diet. and ive seen so many and a variety of diets out there. but i dont know which one to go for. i found one i like but i feel like it might be missing something . okayy so basically i would be buying 5 bags (10 pounds each) of chicken leg...
  2. Raw Feeding
    I've got two dogs that I've been feeding raw for a few months now, a purebred Westie (4 yrs old) and a Cairn terrier mix (9 yrs old). They've both been eating a variety of raw meats and bones, to include chicken, beef, pork, fish, turkey, and duck, plus green tripe and organs. They are both...
  3. Raw Feeding
    I have been feeding all of my dogs raw for about 6 months. The way that I got started surprisingly came from a suggestion from my vet (shocked because I had never heard of raw feeding and he hadn't mentioned it ever!). My 2 mastiffs have always had very bad skin problems and maybe he got tired...
1-3 of 3 Results