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raw chicken

  1. Processing chicken for a raw diet

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I've been looking over our feed bills for our four dogs and thinking about going to raw feeding of chicken. We have four dogs. An older pet dog with declining health, two trained livestock guardian dogs that a live with our chickens, goats, and sheep and...
  2. Just started RAW; gurgling and spitting up

    Raw Feeding
    Good evening! I just started 2 of my dogs on a raw diet. Today is the 3rd day, I am starting them off by just feeding them chicken wings (skin removed) for the first week then switching to chicken backs and gradually adding a small amount of veggie mush. My youngest is doing wonderful with it...
  3. Feeding whole chicken too early for 8 week old puppies?

    Raw Feeding
    Hello to everybody! About 5 weeks ago friends and me found 5 puppies (according to the vet a medium sized mixed-breed) that had been set out on the side of a road. We have been taking care of them, since bringing them to a shelter here in Romania is no option. But we can't keep them, since we...
  4. How much to feed a puppy?

    Raw Feeding
    Hi, My 3 month Rottweiler pup is eating about 2 lbs of raw chicken (Its mostly raw chicken, there is a bit of chicken liver, goat tripe, goat stomach and other entrails all raw). The diet is working well at the moment. How much and how gradually should I increase its food? Should it be fed...