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raw beginner

  1. Bone content and digestive issues

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to raw. I have an APBT with allergies, and before I resort to any kind of medication for her environmental allergies, I want to rule out food allergies as a major player. I was initially feeding her Big Country Raw Pure Duck (70% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, 20%...
  2. New to raw, sudden digestive upset

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everyone! I switched my allergic APBT to raw three weeks ago. I had her on Natural Balance fish and sweet potato before this, which had cleared up most of her allergies, but then the past few months were really bad again. She could fill up a room with her yeast smell just two days after a...
  3. Itchy Dog with red bumps

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Ok so about 2 weeks or so after we got our pit bull puppy I noticed he started to scratch and it just continued to get worse and worse. He is currently 14 weeks old. First thing I did was change our laundry soap to a hypoallergenic without any scents or dyes in it to see if maybe it was that...
  4. Just started RAW; gurgling and spitting up

    Raw Feeding
    Good evening! I just started 2 of my dogs on a raw diet. Today is the 3rd day, I am starting them off by just feeding them chicken wings (skin removed) for the first week then switching to chicken backs and gradually adding a small amount of veggie mush. My youngest is doing wonderful with it...
  5. Raw food recipe???

    Raw Feeding
    okayy . so i want to start feeding my dog a raw food diet. and ive seen so many and a variety of diets out there. but i dont know which one to go for. i found one i like but i feel like it might be missing something . okayy so basically i would be buying 5 bags (10 pounds each) of chicken leg...
  6. Recipe for use in developing country

    Raw Feeding
    Hi! I am new to this forum and am looking forward to some good feedback. Thanks in advance. I live in Liberia, West Africa with my family and four dogs (plus other furry and feathered friends). Since Liberia is a developing country, pet health and wellness care is a little bit of a luxury...
  7. Raw food twice a week?

    Raw Feeding
    I have a pit bull terrier who is almost 4 months. I feed him blue wilderness kibble but wanted to feed him raw food cause I've heard so much good things. However, i cant afford a full on raw food diet and was wondering if it would still be beneficial if i fed him a raw meal twice a week.
  8. Just Starting Questions About Type Of Meat To Start On

    Raw Feeding
    Ok, so I think I have decided to take the plunge and go RAW! But I was just wondering about why exactly everyone says to give the dogs chicken as the first meat? I wanted to start with turkey, and then got worried because of all of this chicken talk. So, why is this the most suggested form of...