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  1. By Nature Puppy Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    With just 2 ingredients before the first fat, we believe there is a decent amount of meat in this product. Even though, we always recommend adding fresh meat to all dogs diet. We do recommend this dog food. By Nature Puppy Formula Ingredient Analysis Chicken meal Ground barley Chicken fat...
  2. Castor & Pollux Organix Puppy Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    We like seeing Organic Chicken, Chicken Meal, Organic Peas and Organic Brown Rice before the first fat in this dog food . But then again we do not love seeing Potato protein and Sodium Selenite this high on the ingredient list. We would like to see salmon meal and dried egg product higher on...
  3. Zach's Premium Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    During a study at Purdue University it was found that Chicken fat in the first five ingredients of dog foods was linked to bloat in some dogs. We do not like seeing 2 types of yeast, salt or Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex in a dog's diet. With just 2 ingredients before the fat, this would...
  4. Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    We are becoming a fans of Nutrisource and were going to recommend this dog food until we saw ingredient No. 6 (Corn gluten). Corn gluten meal is one of the poorest ingredients that can be added to a dog’s diet, as such we do not recommend this dog food. Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy Chicken...
  5. Horizon Complete Large Breed Puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    With three named grains before the first fat and chicken meat on the ingredient list, this is a grain heavy dog food . We generally do not recommend any dog food that contains this much grain, as grain can cause allergies and other issues in some dogs. We prefer the Horizon Legacy dog food...
  6. Nutrisource Small and Medium Puppy

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a very good dog food , with salt being the only ingredient we would like to see replaced. All ingredients are of high quality. Beet pulp and tomato pomace are a type of filler, but they are also high in fiber and help with keeping a dogs stools firm. Nutrisource Small and Medium Puppy...
  7. Nature’s Recipe Large Breed Puppy Recipe

    Dog Food Reviews
    We do not like seeing poultry fat, fat product, salt or animal digest used in a puppy food or for that matter any dog food as there is no way to know what these ingredients really are. Menadione sodium bisulfite complex is an ingredient that needs to be removed from all dog foods. We consider...