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  1. Feeding whole chicken too early for 8 week old puppies?

    Raw Feeding
    Hello to everybody! About 5 weeks ago friends and me found 5 puppies (according to the vet a medium sized mixed-breed) that had been set out on the side of a road. We have been taking care of them, since bringing them to a shelter here in Romania is no option. But we can't keep them, since we...
  2. Adult Growth On Raw???`

    Raw Feeding
    This may sound very strange, but I'm 100% sure that one of my adult dogs has grown slightly in the month or so I've been doing raw. He's a rescued Beagle that a friend and myself were responsible for getting his dam out of a very bad situation. She was visibly malnourished and whelped her pups...
  3. Raw feeding large breed puppies - bones, calcium levels - please advise!

    Raw Feeding
    Hi We have a pup with one lame back leg and need some advice from you: What does the raw feeding approach recommend about avoiding skeletal problems in large breed puppies? She might just have sprained her leg in a regular fasion, but because it did not get better by itself over several days...
  4. newbie from South Dakota

    Introduce yourself
    Hello Forum Members, This is Susan, My husband Richard and I raise a few puppies [PW Corgis, Mini Aussies, Papillons] each year on our ranch. I believe that the ranch environment is a perfect solution to bring up "home-grown" puppies to be perfect pets and pet breeding stock. We have been...
  5. Humpzilla

    General Dog Discussion
    Okay, so I have a male, Cooper, and a female, Cali. Yorkshire Terriers... Cooper is 10 mo and Cali is 8 mo. The come from 2 completely different lines, and it is my hope to breed them eventually. Cooper has gotten to that stage where he wants to hump everything. And I don't want to discourage...