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  1. problems with raw feeding???

    Raw Feeding
    I've got two dogs that I've been feeding raw for a few months now, a purebred Westie (4 yrs old) and a Cairn terrier mix (9 yrs old). They've both been eating a variety of raw meats and bones, to include chicken, beef, pork, fish, turkey, and duck, plus green tripe and organs. They are both...
  2. Feeding half raw half kibble?

    Raw Feeding
    So a few people I know feed their dog half kibble half raw, with the raw being a brand such as Northwest Naturals, Primal, Instinct, etc. Chicken backs or necks are the only pieces available by these companies because they're the only raw marketed by those companies. Needless to say, it's pretty...
  3. Writing Raw?

    Raw Feeding
    Would anyone be interested in writing for the blog? We sometimes struggle to come up with articles on our own and I'd LOVE to inject some fresh perspective into the site. Topics wouldn't HAVE to be strictly about raw feeding (but I'd prefer to keep them mostly on topic). Thoughts...
  4. Prey Model Raw

    Community Members Websites
    Here are the direct links to our website for the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT of raw feeding! Follow our blog here: Dedicated to proper carnivore nutrition - Prey Model Raw Feeding for Dogs & Cats How to get started guide: How to get started | Prey Model Raw Success stories: Success Stories |...
  5. Bumper Sticker or Car Magnet?

    Raw Feeding
    EDIT: Ready for pre-orders!
  6. Pork Riblets

    Raw Feeding
    New pork riblets video featuring all 4 girls :biggrin:
  7. Sidekick's first raw meal!

    Raw Feeding
    Sidekick came home this evening! We threw him right into raw :biggrin: He's had some raw steak, a canned sardine, and some of a whole RAW sardine :cool: Video (quality isn't the best as the lighting wasn't very good) Pic I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...