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  1. Dog Food Reviews
    BEWARE! Proctor and Gamble has purchased Natura. They make California Natural and Innova Formulas will remain the same until Jan. 2011. Then its a crap shoot what will happen to the ingredients.
  2. Dog Food Reviews
    This is the best dog food I have found. I am using both the adult and puppy formulas and my dogs are the best they have ever been.
  3. Dog Food Reviews
    We believe this is one of the top 5 dog foods on the market today.  Lots of meat, fruits and vegetables and all are of the highest quality. We like seeing whole eggs this high on the ingredient list. If you are feeding this food you have made a wonderful choice for your dog. GO! Natural Grain...
  4. Dog Food Reviews
    The Grain Free Lamb Meal Formula is a great dog food for those owners whose dog have some sort of allergies or are sensitive to some ingredients . This is a low ingredient dog food and is totally grain free. We feel confident that it contains at least 30% meat. This product has a low processed...
  5. Dog Food Reviews
    This is an excellent dog food for those owners whose dog have some sort of allergies or are sensitive to some ingredients. It is also good for owners who do not feel that their dogs need some ingredients in their food. With 2 kinds of meat and so few ingredients it leads us to believe this has...
  6. Dog Food Reviews
    There is a very good argument for Evo being one of the best mass produced dog foods on the market today. They use high quality ingredients in all of their formulas, and refrain from using grains, fillers or by-products. We are concerned about this future of this product since the company was...
  7. Dog Food Reviews
    This dog food is a very simple food designed for dogs with allergy issues or a dog owner who wants a limited formula. California Natural Grain Free Chicken Meal Ingredient Analysis Chicken meal Peas Pea fiber Chicken fat Sunflower Oil Chicken meal is the only meat in this food and you...
1-7 of 7 Results