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  1. Bone content and digestive issues

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to raw. I have an APBT with allergies, and before I resort to any kind of medication for her environmental allergies, I want to rule out food allergies as a major player. I was initially feeding her Big Country Raw Pure Duck (70% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, 20%...
  2. New to raw, sudden digestive upset

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everyone! I switched my allergic APBT to raw three weeks ago. I had her on Natural Balance fish and sweet potato before this, which had cleared up most of her allergies, but then the past few months were really bad again. She could fill up a room with her yeast smell just two days after a...
  3. new member with picky puppy

    Introduce yourself
    I adopted a rescue blue nose Staffy back in June and had her on TOTW Pacific Stream because she has broken out in hives and has flaky skin (dandruff). I also give her 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily and one 1000 mg fish oil pill daily. About 2 weeks ago I switched her food to Acana Pacifica...
  4. My New Leash: The Ultimate in Luxury!!

    General Dog Discussion
    I just ordered a new leash today, and I am SO excited!!!! I was searching for a leather leash, but not just any leather leash. I needed something luxurious, soft, and pliable. But, I also needed something that could stand up to the biggest dog you could throw at it. I really found it!! I came...