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  1. Hello Pet Lover's

    Introduce yourself
    I am new to the pet forum and I would be very glad to share my little information about pets with you! Hope to gain some new insights while meeting new people.
  2. Crossing the Boarder with pets

    General Talk
    For everyone who has crossed the boarder with their pet, specifically bringing their pet into the states, what was the procedure? I want to bring my cat with me from Canada into the States (North Carolina). We will be driving. As far as I understand, is it just a matter of having my cat...
  3. Im New Here On The Forums Very Dog Friendly

    Introduce yourself
    Thanks everyone happy to be part of youre web forum here - :hand: be glad to help or be part of youre conversations to help the pets we love so much - dog nutrition and natural dog training is my passion ........... im also asking to you is can i post in my sig line a link to...