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  1. I won free pet food for 1 Year

    Raw Feeding
    I won free pet food for a year through their lucky draw....YAHOOOOOOO
  2. Honest Kitchen?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    How is the Honest Kitchen? I saw this Pet Food review Any other suggestions?
  3. Do You Know What Could Be in Your Dog Food?

    Dog Food Ingredients
    If you're not serving homemade food to your pets, you should make darn sure your commercial pet food has a decent reputation and do a bit of due diligence on the company. Things that don't belong anywhere near food might be in what these companies peddle as "food". If you're interested in...
  4. Hello Everyone.....

    Introduce yourself
    Hi, I am very new in this community and i have just started my website "jaipurhunt". The concept of this website is Pet food. I researched so many websites and choose some good products and now i want to sell them. Hope from this community I will get good response. Waiting for your support...