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  1. Diet for Pancreatitis

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    My seven year old Schnauzer/Poodle mix was just diagnosed with Pancreatitis. This is our second bout with it, although the first go around it wasn't actually diagnosed (the symptoms are just too similar that the vet agrees it's a likely guess). She's home and resting but i was told to feed her a...
  2. Pancreatitis which food now?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Golden was on Orijen for 2 years - she is almost 3 Since her attack she cannot be on Orijen any longer; need a low fat good quality food. Any suggestions? Perhaps 10% fat level. Thought Orijen was excellent but hearing more and more dogs on Orijen having attacks of pancreatitis.
  3. Pancreatitis and Hills Science Diet food connection?

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    My 4 year old Cockapoo, Chloe, was diagnosed (thru palpating the bladder, no xrays) 2 weeks ago for bladder stones. She was given an antibiotic and Hill's Science Diet S/D canned dog food. After 5 days on the dog food she became lethargic and vomited 7 times in 6 hours. We took her to our...