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  1. Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hello I have a 4 year old black labrador. She's allergic to dust mites, grain mites, wheat, gluten and potatoes. Most wet/canned dog food makes her sick and although I can get wheat and gluten free dry dog food, dust and grain mites aggravate her allergies too. My vet has suggested feeding...
  2. Dog Food Reviews
    hi i use go food and threw out the bag is there any type of yeast in your dog food
  3. Dog Food Reviews
    Nature’s Variety is a natural pet food company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. They produce both cat and dog food . In kibble, canned, raw frozen foods form, they also produce pet treats. From the official Nature's Variety website: "We know all about natural foods – the Nature’s Variety...
  4. Dog Food Reviews
    Great Life Dog Food Great Life Dog food is manufactured by "Great Life Performance Pet Products".  The company was founded in 1996 by Elliot Harvey who has authored a number of books including "The Healthy Wholistic Dog". Great LIfe offers a variety of premium dog food formulas at competitive...
  5. General Dog Discussion
    Homemade dog food is a trend that has exploded in popularity, as more people are developing ways to ensure that their dog receives the proper amount of nutrition. Because of the potentially harmful ingredients in many commercial dog food formulas, many pet owners are opting to take their dog’s...
1-5 of 6 Results