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  1. Raw Feeding
    We have had such a high demand for alpaca meat here in Texas "Show Dogs, Domestic Animals ect". We have decided to help all. If you are interested alpaca meat for your animals please shoot over an email. We can ship to your door step."Ready to Eat" We are not here to advertise but, we want to...
  2. Raw Feeding
    *MEAT HAS BEEN TAKEN* A buddy of mine just called me and told me he has 120lbs of meat he has no place for. I believe it is beef. If you want it, it's free! He lives in Atlanta, GA, and his name is Scott. His # is (678) 410-7336
  3. Raw Feeding
    Our new raw dog food delivery guy gave us some freebies, including a couple of "dried Kangaroo forearms"... :eek: They stink something scarey. Is that normal for dried raw meats? Has anyone tried feeding such a thing to their dog? How did it go?!
  4. Raw Feeding
    Howdy! I'm new to the forum. So, if this topic has been posted before, don't shoot me please! :redface: I'm planning on adopting my first dog next month in February annnd I've been reading a ton on the raw diet. I've decided this is how I'm going to feed my pup once he arrives. I've read some...
  5. Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hi, I'm a newbie, and I'd like some advice, since I can't seem to find a vet who advocates raw feeding. My four-year old male cocker spaniel has been eating meat, bones, organ meat, eggs and supplements like omega 3 fish oil, probiotics, virgin coconut oil. I used to give him veggies and fruits...
  6. Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hello, I am changing my dogs diet - I am going to be feeding her cooked meat, does anyone know how many ounces/ lb to feed a dog to give them enough caloric intake? She is 55 pounds. THANKS
1-6 of 6 Results