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  1. Raw Feeding
    We were raw-feeding our German Shepherd before a tragic accident in which we lost him. We have the following in out freezer and need it cleared out. We live in Elburn, IL United States. If you can come pick it up and use it, it's yours for free. Large Beef Neck, lots of chicken hearts...
  2. Raw Feeding
    Been feeding my animals raw for a while now. Almost a year, actually. The dog does fine when I feed him any kind of organ. Actually, I don't think he's ever vomited on raw. Yet. *knocks on wood* Anyway, a couple of my cats, however, can't seem to keep Liver down. I thought maybe it was beef...
  3. Raw Feeding
    I just have to share my latest score. We had a dissection during biology class recently and we all got to play around with pork organs. Something I thought was a lot of fun, of course. Obviously, I couldn't help but think about all the perfect dog food my classroom was full of, so I actually...
  4. Raw Feeding
    I was just wondering, I always see that you should feed 5% liver and 5% other organs. Why is that? Why not 10% liver? Why not no liver at all?
1-4 of 4 Results