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  1. Horizon Complete Large Breed Puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    With three named grains before the first fat and chicken meat on the ingredient list, this is a grain heavy dog food . We generally do not recommend any dog food that contains this much grain, as grain can cause allergies and other issues in some dogs. We prefer the Horizon Legacy dog food...
  2. Authority Adult Large Breed with Real Chicken

    Dog Food Reviews
    This dog food starts out with 3 quality ingredients then quickly nose dives to the bottom of the barrel with the next 4 ingredients. Besides having low quality ingredients it is very grain heavy.  Corn Gluten Meal is one of the lowest grade ingredients that can be put in a dog food. We do not...
  3. Nutrisource Grain Free Large Breed Lamb Meal Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    If you like peas in your dogs diet then you well love this dog food . We would like to see either pea starch or pea flour replaced by a meat. Overall this is a good dog food without any worrisome ingredients. With 2 meats before the first fat and 3 pea ingredients we feel this has more meat in...
  4. Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Adult

    General Dog Discussion
    With 2 of the first 4 ingredients before the fat being meat and the 2 following the fat being meat, this dog food has a high percentage of meat in it. This food contains top quality ingredients and you can have a lot of confidence in this product, if this is what you are feeding. This is one...
  5. Large breed dog food

    General Dog Discussion
    Interested in a finding a good large breed dog food? If so, we can help you out. Whether it be a Great Dane, Mastiff, German Shepherd or any other large breed there are a lot of choices of dog food's. Join our forum to discuss more about large breed dog food .. ITS FREE and EASY...