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  1. Authority Puppy with Real Lamb

    Dog Food Reviews
    The ingredient list in this dog food start out great and then hits rock bottom with wheat and beef tallow. We suspect that the Fish meal may contain ethoxyquin, which has been banned as a preservative in human food. Corn Oil is one of the lowest grade ingredients that can be put in a dog food...
  2. Authority Adult Weight Management with Real Lamb

    Dog Food Reviews
    This dog food starts out with 3 quality ingredients then quickly nose dives to the bottom of the barrel with the next 4 ingredients. Besides having low quality ingredients it is very grain heavy. Corn Oil is one of the lowest grade ingredients that can be put in a dog food and is used in soap...
  3. First Mate Australian Lamb

    Dog Food Reviews
    As with all their grain free formulas, this is a very simple dog food . It has been designed for dogs with allergies or for those dog owners who feel dogs don’t need a lot of the ingredients, in the dog foods produced today. There is only 3 main ingredients in this food. We would like to see...
  4. Nature’s Recipe Senior Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a grain heavy dog food . We do not like to see menadione sodium bisulfite complex in any dog food and are also concerned that beet pulp in the first 5 ingredients. Tomato pomace and potato fiber are both fillers. We have a hard time recommending a dog food with so many fillers. Nature’s...
  5. Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    The protein level is much lower in this dog food than the rest of their formulas. We would like to see canola oil replaced, not that it is bad, but because there are better oils for dogs. We do not like seeing potato protein or salt this high on the ingredient list. But overall this is very...
  6. Nature's Recipe Adult Lamb

    Dog Food Reviews
    Nature's Recipe Adult Lamb dog food is very grain heavy and could use another meat ingredient. We do not like seeing sodium bisulfite complex in dog food & Vitamin K can cause liver issues in dogs. Lamb digest is an extremely low grade meat and contains non-decomposed animal tissue and can...
  7. First Mate Australian Lamb Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    With only 3 main ingredients and a fat this is a very simple dry og food . Good for those dogs with allergies and for those dog owners who believe many ingredients that are in dog food are unnecessary. Lamb meal is an extremely good meat for dogs. The blueberries, raspberries and cranberries...
  8. California Natural Grain Free Lamb Meal Adult Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    The Grain Free Lamb Meal Formula is a great dog food for those owners whose dog have some sort of allergies or are sensitive to some ingredients . This is a low ingredient dog food and is totally grain free. We feel confident that it contains at least 30% meat. This product has a low processed...