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lamb dog food

  1. Flint River Ranch Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    This dog food is grain heavy and does not contain a fat. While there no nasty ingredients in this food, we have mixed feeling about recommending this dog food. If you decide to feed this, we highly recommend you add meat to your dog’s diet. Flint River Ranch Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Ingredient...
  2. Prairie Lamb Meal & Oatmeal Medley

    Dog Food Reviews
    At the bottom of the ingredient list of this dog food are a number of freeze dried ingredients that make up the spray coating. All the grains are high quality grains. We are undecided on the use of Montmorillonite Clay. This is a grain heavy dog food and we would like to see another meat in...
  3. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    TOTW High Prairie formula is a high quality grain free dog food meant for dogs of all life stages. The main meats in this food are bison and lamb. Taste Of The Wild uses high quality ingredients in their dog food formulas, and refrain from using fillers, by-products or unnatural preservatives...