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  1. 10 days into RAW feeding...too soon for MIRACLES???

    Raw Feeding
    As I write this, my poor puppy is chewing herself on her hindquarters and scratching with her feet. She nibbles at herself as though she is biting fleas until her fur is gone. I finally began following the raw feeding instructions to the letter and her poo is good as has been described. She is...
  2. You all know more than the Vets - HELP!! puppy scratching herself raw

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    I am new to this site and forums in general. I have read the posts "Yeasty Paws" and "Itching Puppy" as well as many others here. I haven't quite seen our puppy's symptoms. Here's a quick rundown: She is almost 5 mths old - large mixed breed, we were told Austrailian Shepherd/Blue Heeler. 30...
  3. Puppy itching and itching

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hello! I have a 4 months old Coton de Tulear and since I got her home from the kennel, she is itching A LOT ! She itchs mostly the head region! but itchs all the body as well... and bites around the tail, as she was getting a flea, but she never had fleas! The vet says it is allergy, of course...