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  1. Not new but new as a dog owner!

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    Though I have had Sophie for 6 1/2 years I don’t think I have posted since having her. Sophie was about a year, 17-18 lbs and a bit underweight when I got her from the rescue I volunteer with. She’s now a stable 20 lb girl who’ll loves life, people of all ages and anything edible! She gets...
  2. New to the forum

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    Hi, I'm new! I have a 3-year-old allergic APBT and am trying to make things better for her. :) I tried asking for help in the raw dog food forum a few weeks ago, but my post was never approved. I still need help, and I thought that maybe there is a rule about introducing yourself first, so I'm...
  3. Greetings from Seattle

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    I'm Atticus' mama - a 55 lb 10 month old american staffordshire terrier. He is currently my companion and is in training to become a therapy dog (hopefully - keeping fingers crossed). He likes chasing deflated soccer balls, playing with other dogs at the dog park, and lazing about at my feet...
  4. New and trying to get into Raw feeding.

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    Hello to all. Well to start off I have a (~est.) two and one half year old border collie queensland heeler mix. I've looked into raw before but was put off do to rumors...slander....who knows about it being fairly expensive. An acquaintance of mine made me recently take a more vested interest...
  5. Hey There! New to Raw diet and the Forum! -- San Francisco Greater Bay Area

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    Hi everyone from myself and my 3 Canine kids! I just joined this forum in my quest to learn more about raw feeding and find where I can buy raw meats at reasonable prices. If anyone knows of a place with in an hour or so of Fremont, CA or a company where I can order raw/frozen meats to have...
  6. Greetings from Austin, TX

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    Hey there all, I am the proud owner of a 6 year old yellow lab named Waylon. I am single with no kids (yet) so he is my baby. So glad I found you all. I have been feeding Waylon Iams for years now thinking I was doing the right thing for him but I recently came across some really shocking...
  7. Hello all!

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    I am a teen dog lover and am very educated on canines. Pet nutrition is important to me and I raw feed my own dog, a GSD/Rottie mix named Tiger. He is 9 years old. I also have two cats, Oreo & Little, who are fed canned food only. Little gets a bit of dry occasionally, but only because she likes...